Music Tech With YuStudio
Music technology offers students new routes into music – which is why we’ve added YuStudio, a beginner-friendly online music studio, to the Charanga platform.

YuStudio allows aspiring young producers to make music whenever they’re online, and offers them the perfect introduction to digital multitrack recording and sequencing.

YuStudio has all the features you will find in any professional digital audio workstation (DAW), but because we’ve designed it for use in schools, it’s more accessible and easier to use.

To fast-track your experience of using YuStudio, work through our video tutorials to get started.

If using a DAW in your teaching sounds challenging, three ‘Create With YuStudio’ projects, with Teacher Guides and video tutorials, will support you at every step.

It’s easy to make it available to ALL of your students through our Yumu online learning space or Google Classroom, too – enabling you to set assignments for your students and access their work.