Impact on learning

A survey of specialist and non-specialist teachers using the Musical School programme

Teachers share their experiences of using Charanga daily. In a recent survey, both specialists and non-musicians in Australia told us they are better off having used Charanga. Our Scheme: Scope & Sequence (step-by-step music lessons), and the quantity and quality of the lessons and resources provided on our platform, were valued most.

Over 79% of respondents reported improvements in the quality of their teaching and pupil attainment. Charanga is giving staff the confidence, professional knowledge and tools to deliver progressive music lessons while helping to reduce their workload and planning time.

Key findings

Increased confidence: 77%

Increased competence

enhanced knowledge
better quality teaching

Improved wellbeing: 81%

Improved well-being

more confidence/job satisfaction
reduced workload

Positive student outcomes: 80%

Positive student outcomes

increased attainment
more musical activity

Is Musical School widely used?

YES – over 12,500 schools and over 70,000 teachers in 64 countries use our award-winning resources to help them teach music – that’s over 2.5 million children enjoying Charanga-supported music lessons every week. 66% of all English primary schools have adopted the programme, with more working with us every month.

Warning sign: Still requires good teaching

How does the free trial work?

We do not take any payment details for the trial. At the end of it, you can convert your trial licence into a full one, keeping the same login details too so you can still access any lessons you’ve created during your trial. However, if it’s not right for you, just let the trial expire and we thank you for your interest.

What does Charanga mean?

It’s a small musical band often linked to Cuban music. We thought it was a good name for a music education company (and we’re all a bit partial to the Latin music vibe).

Case study videos: schools using Charanga

Kimberley Windsor on the impact of Charanga Musical School in an isolated island community.

Michelle Lewis on keeping the kids happy, learning, and excited.

Leanne Woods on increased teacher confidence and keenness of the students.