About Charanga

Based in the UK, Charanga is one of the world’s leading music education technology companies. over 12,500 schools and over 70,000 teachers in 64 countries use our award-winning resources to help them teach music. over 2.5 million children enjoy a Charanga-supported music lesson every week.

Building on our work with Australian primary school music teachers, we hope Charanga Australia will become a useful source of support for music teachers and children everywhere.

Our approach

We combine the latest education technology with modern teaching approaches to create resources that teachers and children really enjoy using.

All of our teaching materials are visually attractive and sound really good, so children are always enthusiastic about learning. Embedding everything in our online platform also means the resources are flexible so you can adapt them to suit your own needs. You can also easily input your own materials.

All the Charanga resources are online with a download option and we pride ourselves on making them irresistibly easy to use.

Our impact

Every day, more and more schools, teachers and young people learn and make music using Charanga’s award-winning online platform. Teachers who are non-musicians tell us it’s increased their confidence. Music specialists say it’s helped them to refresh their approach. Most important of all are the children and young people who are becoming more confident, realising their potential or simply enjoying music more, in and out of school, having used Charanga.

Our values


Music is transformative. We ensure its benefits are equitable and open to all.


We relentlessly pursue excellence in everything we do and provide for our users.

Technology for all

Our commitment to accessibility and low cost allows us to achieve at scale.

Valuing others

We seek to understand what matters to the people we work with and for, and act on it.


We do what’s important, what works and what matters so we can help people right now.

Evolution not revolution

Charanga adapts and responds to the needs of its users and the changing world.

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